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Patient Assessment Made Easy

AxIT helps Health Professionals engage their patients and save valuable admin time.

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The Tests Health Professionals Need

Regardless of whether you are a Physio, Chiro, Osteo or Exercise Physiologist, all clientsrequire strength, yet physical testing has often been difficult in a care setting. Use AxITs hand-held dynamometers and portable force plates to quickly put a number on your strength, balance and movement performance.

Identify What Needs To Be Trained

Quickly test your client's strength and performance to identify imbalances or compare your client's results to evidence-based references to set baselines and track progress over time in your management plan.

Get Better Buy-In

Research shows objective data can as much as 3x a client's compliance in a healthcare setting. Educate your client on their presentation and keep them motivated in their treatment or rehab journey with a data-driven approach to health outcomes.

One Click Transfer Into PMS

Quickly update your client assessment notes in your PMS with AxIT testing data with just the click of a button to save valuable admin time.

Streamlined One Click Reporting 

Instantly generate a PDF report of your patient's testing session to send to them, send to their referrer, send to third party payers.

Stand Out From The Competition

Bring your assessment into the 21st century and stand out from the other Physios, Chiros, Osteos and Exercise Physiologists in your local community. Add valuable new packages and services to increase your clinics revenue.

Like what you see and want to learn more?

Book a time to speak 1-on-1 with one of our team to discuss pricing and learn how AxIT can help your athletes.

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"The AxIT system really pays for itself. If you're retaining clients and getting great outcomes, creating new services and using it in your marketing at sporting clubs or gyms it will actually make you money."

Luke Nelson
Sports Chiro Australia President

"This is the future of assessment with customisation that you don't get with other data systems out there. No more paying $100k for a machine that can only assess a knee, hamstring or back. This is an affordable way to test every part of the body."

Carey Wheeler
Geelong Physical Therapy Centre

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