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Powerful. Portable. Affordable.

AxIT smart dynamometers and force plates are the easy-to-use, all-in-one system for measuring performance, prevention or rehabilitation.

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Easy To Use

One software, 3 pieces of hardware. Designed for the everyday health and fitness professional from day one, AxITs intuitive data and online training portal means anyone can use it.

Doesn't Take Up Time

Re-testing in less than 10 seconds (yes we've timed it) means that you don't have to worry that AxIT is going to be something else to absorb your precious consultation time.

Engage Your Clients

Show your clients where they are, what they should be, and how they are tracking so that they stay on your plan, get great outcomes and become raving referrers of your services.

Introducing AxIT's Newest Feature: Reference Data

Have you ever wanted to know how your clients compare to others? Now you can quickly and easily compare to evidence-based reference data.

Save time with streamlined objective assessment processes.

With over 125+ assessments that can be performed with the AxIT system's integrated force plates and dynamometers and options to create your personalised templates, you'll never run out of time in your appointments or struggle to quickly get all the data that you need to help your clients achieve their goals.

Save time and let the app automatically measure, track and monitor progress over time of the capacities that are critical to your clients getting amazing outcomes, displayed in a way they can understand.

Want personalised assessments for a unique exercise or movement? No problem, AxIT lets you measure any movement you can imagine.

Measuring how your patients move has never been quicker or easier. Get started testing quicker than you can tie your shoe laces.

Improve communication and increase adherence to exercise plans.

Do your clients always do their exercises? Neither did ours!

Research shows that using objective measures and goal setting can increase adherence to an exercise plan by over 80%. How amazing would that be!

The AxIT System turns information that was previously only subjective and you were guessing with, into useful meaningful and actionable objective data, which your clients can actually understand, allowing you to motivate your clients to achieve their goals like never before. 

Streamline your client management process and target key areas that need improvement.

AxITs intuitive software makes it easy to integrate with your current assessment systems, processes and up-skill your team. Reproduce yourself several times over.

Bring your facility into the 21st century by gathering baseline data, measuring imbalances, targeting the physical needs of your clients and tracking their progress towards amazing results.

Sick of clients dropping off their plan? -  well that's about to change FOREVER

Make training fun!

Use objective force plate and dynamometer data to set scores for your clients to achieve in their training. 

The AxIT system provides real time biofeedback in training any movement including squats, lunges, pushes and pulls allowing you to visually gamify your training session and keep your clients motivated.

Generate new revenue streams for your business.

Stand out from the crowd as an elite service provider in your industry. 

The SBN Team can give you the step by step guidance in how to use the AxIT system to create new assessment and training services to get great client outcomes, increase revenue and maximising your return on investment. 

This system doesn't cost you money, IT MAKES YOU MONEY!

Discover more about each AxIT device

How Does AxIT Help?


  • Identify strength and movement limitations to find the true cause of your client's complaints.
  • Give the right exercises at the right time to get faster results for your clients.
  • Save time with streamlined client assessment protocols.
  • Provides you with clear actionable data making it easy to educate their client.

Your Clients

  • Help your clients compare their results with in-built reference data.
  • Keep your clients motivated with easy-to-track progress graphs.
  • Keep your clients motivated with easy-to-track progress graphs. 
  • Enhance your customer experience using advanced assessment technology.

Your Business

  • Set yourself apart as a unique service provider in your industry and community using the AxIT system.
  • Create new assessment and training revenue streams in your business.
  • Up-skill your team and standardize your assessment processes with our comprehensive training portal.
  • AxITs portability makes it easy for promoting with sporting clubs and other businesses.

Like what you see and want to learn more?

Book a time to speak 1-on-1 with one of our team to discuss pricing and learn more.


If within 30 DAYS of using our revolutionary AxIT system, you don’t find improvement in the way that you assess and manage your clients and get great results, WE WILL GIVE YOU YOUR MONEY BACK. That’s how confident we are in the AxIT system and the Strength By Numbers approach!*


The ATO's Instant Asset Write-Off provides small businesses with the ability to write-off business assets that are purchased and used in the year that the write-off is claimed.


Sign up today for the AxIT system with the option to pay for your AxIT system over 1-5 years in equal monthly re-payments.


If you need multiple AxIT systems for your business our team would love to help you find the perfect solution to fit your needs.

Got another question regarding the AxIT system?

"The AxIT system really pays for itself. If you're retaining clients and getting great outcomes, creating new services and using it in your marketing at sporting clubs or gyms it will actually make you money."

Luke Nelson
Sports Chiro Australia President

"This is the future of assessment with customisation that you don't get with other data systems out there. No more paying $100k for a machine that can only assess a knee, hamstring or back. This is an affordable way to test every part of the body."

Carey Wheeler
Geelong Physical Therapy Centre

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