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Foot prints from the Belgium national soccer team

Uncategorized May 08, 2019

With the EPL about to kick off this weekend and some of its Belgian contingent likely to take part we thought we this picture was an appropriate diagram of how posture and position may not always correlate to function and the sheer variety of highly functional feet.


Often as therapists we can get hung up with whether an individual has "flat feet" or "high arches". At the Movement Assessment Technologies we believe that this isn't too important as long as we test for how a foot functions. Can it evert/invert, pronate/supinate, load and unload against gravity and ground reaction force in upright function?


At the Movement Assessment Technologies we assess active movement and control of the feet, passive range of joint motion and use quantifiable movement tests such as the Star Excursion Balance Test and Hop Tests in different planes of motion on the M.A.T so we never judge a for by its posture.


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