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Handheld Device in Assessing Hip Extension Strength!

Uncategorized Aug 21, 2019

Handheld Device vs Isokinetic Machines⠀🤜🏻🤛🏻

For a long time, the gold standard for strength testing has been the use of Isokinetic Muscle Strength Testing Machines.⠀

The problem….⠀
-They take up half a room❌
-They’re cumbersome❌
-They’re expensive❌
-They take a long time to set up❌⠀
-They generate data that you need a university degree to interpret❌⠀
-They aren’t accessible for your average health and fitness professional…❌⠀

Fortunately research suggests that there are alternative options for strength testing that can get accurate strength measurements without all the problems.👌🏻⠀

Enter the AxIT Push-IT device.⠀
-Small and portable✅⠀
-Start testing in seconds✅⠀
-Easy to interpret data✅⠀
-Accessible for every health and fitness professional✅⠀

Why are you not collecting all the information you need to make better decisions with the people you work with?⠀

Stop guessing and start measuring. Start using Push-IT alongside the rest of the complete AxIT system.⠀

Book an AxIT Discovery Session with a member of our team to learn more.


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