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How Long Does Your Stomp-IT Force Plates last?

Uncategorized Mar 15, 2019

Things you will have done by the time you need to recharge your Stomp-IT Force Plates.
Charged your phone x 39 times
Filled up car with petrol x 4 times
Gone to the supermarket x 6 times
Paid your rent x 1
Coffees consumed x 78+
Meals consumed x 117+
May or may not of gone to the gym x 100 times
AxIT System tests delivered x 1000+ times
Client consultations x 351+ times

Stomp-ITs long lasting battery life means it’s always ready to go when you are whether that be in your facility or taking it on the road to help measure performance and identify imbalances with the people you work with. 

Find out more about how Stomp-IT is the force plate you’ve been looking for to help the people you work with. Go to http://www.strengthbynumbers.com to book an AxIT Discovery Session today. 


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