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Strength testing for seniors

Uncategorized Nov 17, 2021

Strength testing is only for athletes right?


While naturally, we think of million-dollar athletes when strength testing is mentioned, every individual regardless of their age, gender, and the activities that they do requires some strength capacity to be able to do the tasks that make up their daily lives.

Older individuals are some of the most common client types that health and fitness professionals deal with on a daily basis, yet for some reason, we often don’t assume performance testing is relevant for them. Yet these older individuals are often still physically active, doing activities and hobbies they enjoy in their later years.

In this blog we're going to explore why strength testing is important to geriatrics and some of the considerations you should have when choosing strength testing equipment.

What happens to strength as we age.

It is well appreciated that as we age, we lose some of the mobility that we once had. Joints and muscles become stiffer and...

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How to test Rotator Cuff strength in throwing athletes.

research rotator cuff Oct 21, 2021

The ICC T20 World Cup is underway and thousands of throwing actions will take place over the next 4 weeks.

Did you know, at peak rotation, maximum humeral internal rotation velocity during throwing may reach 7500 to 7700 degrees per second (Seroyer et al 2010)? That’s approximately 4 times faster than a helicopter's rotor spins.

It’s no wonder then that some of the cricketers taking part in the ICC T20 World Cup this month need to have strong and functional rotator cuff muscles to generate and tolerate the forces involved in throwing.

How do the rotator cuff muscles work when throwing?

The above from Oyama 2012 illustrates the complexity of the throwing action and the demand on the tissues.

From this we can see that the shoulder forces acting on the shoulder work in a deceleration - acceleration - deceleration pattern. It may also be surprising to see that the rotator cuff works mostly to compress the shoulder joint and provide stability during these movements,...

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Building Bullet Proof Hamstrings With Strength Testing

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2021

Grand finals are upon us and regardless of the code 2021 has been a challenging year for most teams, with success seemingly depending on a war of attrition against injury amongst clubs. 

As usual, the most common non-contact injury remains the hamstring strain and is responsible for the most games missed for most teams

Unfortunately, these injuries are not exclusive to professional players, with many semi-professional and amateur sportspeople also missing portions of the season due to these complaints which can also be a determinant for whether or not a season is a success. 

So with all the money that is poured into professional sport, surely we have a better understanding of how we can avoid hamstring injuries and help players stay out on the field? 

What do the hamstring muscles do?

If you’ve ever read an anatomy textbook then you probably said “flex the knee”, and while you are partly right it probably does not tell the full story. 


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Getting those 7 new AxIT Systems ready!

Uncategorized Nov 04, 2019

Behind the scenes getting 7 new AxIT Systems ready for 7 new AxIT Allies who've joined us in the last 7 days...phew...

Don't be the last one on the objective assessment bandwagon getting amazing results for your clients and business.

Book an AxIT Discovery Session with one of our team today to learn how you can upgrade your assessment with the AxIT System today.

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Uncategorized Nov 03, 2019

With over 500+ entries to the Gold AxIT System Competition there could unfortunately be only one winner. Or could there.....?

Even if you weren't the lucky winner of the amazing Gold AxIT System you can still claim an crazy reward over the next 2 weeks.

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There's still time!

Uncategorized Oct 19, 2019

That’s a wrap! The SBN team had a time showing off the power of objective assessment to all the attendees at the @physioaustralia Transform 2019 Conference in Adelaide.

Remember there’s still time to go into the running to win a one of a kind Gold AxIT! Simply head to to enter the draw before the end of October and you could be the lucky winner!

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AxIT is NOT a toy ❌

Uncategorized Oct 14, 2019


AxIT is a robust assessment system made out of the same material found on Spaceships 

Proudly made in , AxIT was designed to to help you assess even the toughest Aussie bloke  or sheila 

AxIT is for health and fitness professions who want to provide the highest standards for their clients with cutting-edge technology previously only affordable for elite sporting teams and Universities 

AxIT is not only accessible to everyone now for the price of two per day, but you could also WIN a limited-edition, one-of-a-kind GOLD AxIT system this by entering our competition

 Time is running out to enter, so head to for your chance to WIN the GOLD AxIT systemand begin to measure what your  can't see 

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Do you need more assessment tools in your health & fitness business?

Uncategorized Oct 12, 2019

By entering you could win a system that will revolutionise your business, including:

 2x Stomp-IT force plates (yes two!!!)
 1x Push-IT muscle tester
 1x Pull-IT dynamic strength tester
 Accessories pack (including 6 attachments)
 Access to our world-leading education portals
 Access to our private #AxITAllies community
 2-hour onboarding session
 12-months AxIT app subscription

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Want to WIN a GOLD AxIT System?

Uncategorized Oct 03, 2019

  Want to WIN a GOLD AxIT System

By entering you could win a system that will revolutionize your business, including:

2x Stomp-IT force plates (yes two!!!)

1x Push-IT muscle tester
1x Pull-IT dynamic strength tester
Accessories pack (including 6 attachments)
Access to our world-leading education portals
Access to our private #AxITAllies community
2-hour onboarding session
12-months AxIT app subscription

To enter head to

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Ready To Deliver!

Uncategorized Sep 15, 2019

New stock is available!

Our production team has been working overtime to catch up with the demand for brand new AxIT Systems across Australia.

Don't delay. If you've been looking to revolutionise your assessment with the latest technology similar to that used by elite sporting institutions now is the time!

Start measuring baselines for physical strength and power and track the progression of your training programs over time with the people that you work with.

Speak to our team about how you can get on board and join the #AxITAllies as soon as next week.

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