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Countermovement Jump Height and Force-Time Variables

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2019

Do you use the Counter Movement Jump to measure better outcomes with your clients The countermovement jump (CMJ) is a simple, practical, valid, and very reliable measure of lower-body power. As a consequence, it is no surprise that this has become a cornerstone test for many strength and conditioning coaches and sports scientists. The CMJ is the most reliable measure of lower-body power compared to other jump tests. Furthermore, the CMJ has been shown to have relationships and may be a useful alternative to sprint performance, 1RM maximal strength, and explosive-strength tests.
Laffaye, G et al conducted a study to assess the eccentric rate of force development, the concentric peak force, and selected time variables on vertical performance during countermovement jump as well as looking at gender and differences in sporting performance.
3 main applications for practice were found.
The first is that a valid method to increase vertical performance or jump height is to increase one of...

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Is your client a Tractor or a Ferrari?⠀

Uncategorized Sep 10, 2019

The quest for the perfect combination of strength and power has long puzzled athletes and weightlifters. Although the two share similar qualities, there are actually some differences. Knowing and understanding these differences can help you identify the most important attributes for your clients sport or activity and influence their training accordingly.

Tractors have a lot of staying power and can often reach huge amounts of Peak Force as they get going. To increase maximum Peak Force generation—and thus their overall strength—athletes should use heavy loads for numerous sets of three to six repetitions. The best exercises are those that allow for heavier loading, typically multi-joint exercises like the Squat, Deadlift, and Bench Press. The ultimate goal is to increase the amount of weight that can be lifted for a single repetition. Speed of lifting doesn't matter. In fact, under a heavy load, weight will often not be able to be moved quickly.

Ferraris have the ability...

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New Stock! Grab Yours Now!

Uncategorized Sep 06, 2019

Do you want an AxIT system next week?

After selling out initial allocations before they were even built to health and fitness professionals around Australia, we can finally say we have stock on shelves!

Don't be the last one on the objective assessment band wagon. Stop guessing and start measuring next week!

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Isometric Mid Thigh Pull - The Ultimate Performance Test?

Uncategorized Aug 31, 2019

Isometric Mid Thigh Pull - The Ultimate Performance Test?

Developments in assessment technology have made tests like the Isometric Mid Thigh Pull (IMTP) foundational strength and power assessments for athletes globally.‍

What is the IMTP?

A maximal isometric action allows individuals to produce a greater force than a maximal concentric action. The IMTP requires an individual to pull on a fixed barbell with a maximal effort for 3-5 seconds. When performed on top of a Stomp-IT plate, the test can quantify peak force and rate of force development (RFD).

The isometric mid-thigh pull test is an effective and reliable way to test maximal strength in youth and adult athletes. Research has shown that performance variables from the IMTP test correlate to athletic movements such as the vertical jump and sprint speed. Administering the IMTP test is a safer and more time-efficient method than traditional 1RM testing which also benefits athletes with a low training age.

Wang et al investigated...

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Assessments Simplified with AxIT!

Uncategorized Aug 25, 2019

We've simplified complicated assessments. Become one of our #AxITAllies and join the assessment technology revolution!

Stop guessing and start measuring with a data driven approach to health and fitness.

Book an AxIT Discovery Session to find out how AxIT can help upgrade your assessment.

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Handheld Device in Assessing Hip Extension Strength!

Uncategorized Aug 22, 2019

Handheld Device vs Isokinetic Machines

For a long time, the gold standard for strength testing has been the use of Isokinetic Muscle Strength Testing Machines.

The problem….
-They take up half a room
-They’re cumbersome
-They’re expensive
-They take a long time to set up
-They generate data that you need a university degree to interpret
-They aren’t accessible for your average health and fitness professional…

Fortunately research suggests that there are alternative options for strength testing that can get accurate strength measurements without all the problems.

Enter the AxIT Push-IT device.
-Small and portable
-Start testing in seconds
-Easy to interpret data
-Accessible for every health and fitness professional

Why are you not collecting all the information you need to make better decisions with the people you work with?

Stop guessing and start measuring. Start using Push-IT alongside the rest of the complete AxIT system.

Book an AxIT Discovery Session...

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Uncategorized Aug 14, 2019

Are you using the Athletic Shoulder Test with your clients⁉
Objectively assessing shoulder strength can be difficult for health and fitness professionals. Given the performance demands of the upper body in most activities, it is an important area to be able to measure strength and power baselines to track progression over time.
The Athletic Shoulder Test is a new test for assessing shoulder strength in a multitude of positions. It can give insight into the performance limitations and discrepancies in the people you work with. ‍‍
Ashworth et al further investigated the reliability of the Athletic Shoulder Test to monitor reductions in muscle force. These forces may contribute to the neuromuscular performance of the shoulder joint in sports involving contact and overhead actions such as Rugby.
Their findings…
“The Athletic Shoulder test demonstrated excellent reliability for each test position supporting its use as a reliable tool to quantify the ability to...

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Quay Health are Onboard with the AxIT System!

Uncategorized Aug 04, 2019

#AxITAllies @quay_health are onboard! 

Join health and fitness professionals around Australia who are using the AxIT System to create a data driven approach to helping their clients achieve amazing outcomes. 

Book an AxIT Discovery Session today!

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Uncategorized Jul 22, 2019

We have more features released this week!

Watch the video and check your AxIT App to find out more! 

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Uncategorized Jul 12, 2019

Check out the video to find out what’s new on the AxIT app 

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