AxITs new version 2.10.12 brings some new exciting features to bring your assessment into the 21st century.

CSV Data Export

Exporting individual or group testing data as CSV is now available to make it even easier to:

  • Compare testing results within a group or sports team.
  • Import data into your own testing dashboard.
  • Export data for research purposes.

Don't have your own assessment dashboard?

Download the free SBN Testing Dashboard template here to use for all your AxIT and non AxIT testing data.

10/5 Repeat Jump And Hop Test

The 10/5 Repeated Jump and Hop add a new reliable and valid test to the AxIT System Stomp-IT dual portable force plate, and is primarily used to measure the Reactive Strength Index or RSI of an athletic individual to assess their ability to rapidly change from eccentric to concentric motions and plyometric performance.