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Understanding Strength Trajectories for Health Surveillance in a Healthy Population.

cmj grip imtp research Jul 19, 2023

One thing we are noticing at SBN is an increase in the interest from health and fitness professionals to assess individuals not only for injury prevention and rehabilitation purposes but also for longevity and health optimization.

A recent study by Lichtenstein et al explored the trajectories of strength parameters across different ages in a healthy population ranging from 20 to 91 years old. The researchers compared new strength tests such as CMJ and IMTP with widely studied ones such as Grip Strength to determine their suitability for health surveillance purposes. The findings revealed that while most strength parameters followed similar downward trajectories after the age of 40, lower body explosive power exhibited a consistent linear decline throughout the observed age range. On the other hand, all other parameters demonstrated an accelerated decline with increasing age. These results provide valuable insights for assessing muscular fitness levels and comparing individuals with...

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Unlocking Performance: Top 4 Essential Force Plate Strength Tests

force plate imtp research May 16, 2023

Originally developed in the 1960's for biomechanics research in elite sports, force plates have emerged as invaluable tools in an athletic setting, providing objective data to optimize high performance and identify potential injury risks. With advancements in technology and increased accessibility, portable force plates such as the AxIT Stomp-IT are now finding their way into everyday health and fitness settings, allowing technology previously only available to million-dollar sports teams and university laboratories to empower practitioners and individuals alike.

If you haven't had the opportunity to experience the incredible benefits of incorporating smart force plates like AxIT Stomp-IT into your health and fitness practice, this blog is here to change that! Get ready to explore the Top 4 Strength Tests that can be performed using force plates and discover why they are an absolute game-changer for your clients.


Why use Force Plates and Isometric Strength Testing?

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