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Frequently Asked Questions

You can contact the AxIT team on:

[email protected]

Live demonstration by appointment only at AxIT HQ in Cheltenham Vic 3192

The AxIT System testing packages can be purchased outright or as part of an affordable monthly package and costs about the equivalent of two coffees per day.

Speak to us today so we can tailor the right solution for you on [email protected] or book AxIT Discovery Session to speak with the SBN team if you'd like to discuss pricing options to fit your needs. 

Of course! Contact the SBN team or book an AxIT Discovery Session to discuss how you can purchase a product solution to suit your business. 

Yes AxIT ships to Australia, New Zealand, UK, and North America.

If you live elsewhereĀ we're workingĀ hard to bring AxIT to you. You canĀ register your interest here.

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