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Creating the right environment to thrive

The IsoRack is the perfect companion for AxIT

Save valuable time

by speeding up and improving your workflow whilst with your clients with the IsoRack. This custom built home for the AxIT system allows you to get started testing immediately.

Standardise your assessment

and be certain you're getting accurate and reliable results every time. The IsoRack is adjustable in 30mm increments to allow perfect testing positions for the Stomp-IT and Pull-IT.

Cleverly designed for convenience

 and to fit in even the smallest space. The IsoRack's small footprint allows you to turn any room into an elite testing facility. 

Want more information about the IsoRack?

Make your clients go WOW.

The IsoRack will take pride of place in your centre and help your clients realise that they're somewhere different, somewhere special, somewhere that is cutting-edge and that cares about the people that they work with.

With the IsoRack, you can take your AxIT assessment to the next level and take full advantage of all the system has to offer with over 60 tests being able to be performed with the IsoRack.


Do it over and over again.

The IsoRack provides the perfect testing environment for collecting all the data required to assess the exact needs of your clients with the reliability and accuracy that you crave. 

Treat each and every assessment as your own scientific research study. Quickly prepare all your isometric Pull-IT and Stomp-IT tests in a matter of seconds and get the most accurate movement data available so you can make the best evidence-based decisions.

Want to find out more about the AxIT system?

Select your preferred day and time below to book an AxIT Online Demonstration.

An online demonstration is the perfect way for you to see the how AxIT works. In online 'Hangouts Meeting' you will have the opportunity to ask one of the creators of AxIT questions about the system and determine if it is suitable for your business.


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