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Creating the right environment to thrive

IsoBase and Iso Rack partners are the perfect companions for AxIT.

Strength By Numbers IsoBase

You can now perform isometric strength testing wherever and whenever you want with the help of IsoBase and AxIT Stomp-IT. IsoBase is designed to be portable and lightweight, and specifically for AxIT Stomp-IT making it easy to conduct tests such as Isometric Mid Thigh Pull (IMTP) or Isometric Calf Raise even when you're on the move. Whether you need to assess a sports club or perform evidence-based performance tests in a small consultation room, IsoBase's small footprint makes it a convenient option.

Ironedge Rack-IT and Floor-IT.

The Rack-IT and Floor-IT attachments sees Strength By Numbers cutting-edge AxIT system combine with Ironedge’s industry leading training equipment to create the ultimate isometric testing solution for those looking to be able to maximise their force plate testing whilst still having access to their training environment.

Learn more about Rack-IT and Floor-IT

SoloStrength Free Standing and Mounted Racks.

SoloStrength racks thoughtful design and manufacturing provide the perfect testing environment for isometric strength testing using the AxIT Pull-IT isometric dynamometer and Stomp-IT force plates.

Adjustable toggles make finding the exact testing position for your client a breeze.

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