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Assessment has changed forever!

Thanks to this clever device that fits in your pocket.

21st Century Assessment.

Reliably measure isometric, concentric or eccentric force and power of any movement or muscle group quickly and easily all from this powerful pocket-sized device.

Adaptable and versatile.

For a device smaller than your phone, it has five times the battery life allowing you to feel confident it will never let you down when you need it most. 


Pull-IT is the perfect device to take anywhere for any situation. Simply pair it up with bands, cable machines or the IsoRack and start assessing or training straight away.


Pulling assessment into the 21st century

The Pull-IT device is the assessment and training tool that you never knew you needed....but won't be able to live without!

This miniature, but extremely powerful device allows you to assess and quantify dynamic movements in a way like you never have been able to before. 

It's unique design and function makes it the perfect assessment tool for any situation. This game-changing biofeedback training tool has the capability to take the guess-work out of training to make every rep count.

Struggling with reliable assessments in your business? Pull-IT into the 21st century

Select your preferred day and time below to book an AxIT Discovery Session.

The AxIT Discovery Session is the perfect way for you to find out all the information that you want to know about the AxIT system. In the 30-minute online 'Hangouts Meet' call you will have the opportunity to ask us any questions you have about the specifics of the system and determine if it is suitable for your business.

"This gives us access to equipment and information that would normally be very expensive to use to assess the clients and the best part is that we can use it in lots of different environments. "

Luke Nelson
Sports Chiro Australia President

"This technology allows us to make decisions that we can be much more confident in and get the outcomes we want to see quicker. This is a game changer and will become the future of physical therapy globally."

Carey Wheeler
Geelong Physical Therapy Centre

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