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Push-IT real good!

A new way to look at muscle strength assessment.

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Quick, Actionable Data

Pick it up and put it down. Push-IT is an extension of your hand and is extremely quick to get started using it to collect accurate strength data of almost every muscle in the human body. 

Track Progression Over Time

Push-IT is designed to be your go to assessment tool when you need to quickly reassess movement. Immediately you'll be able to see if your intervention has been beneficial for your client.

Portable and Reliable

Push-IT's unique design improves reliability of muscle strength assessments with its ability to be used handheld or transformed using Push-IT's external isometric cap attachment. 


Bring your strength assessments into the 21st century. 

Health and fitness professionals have traditionally used subjective and outdated manual muscle testing procedures to assess strength. We've pushed beyond this and are here to help you do the same.

The Push-IT handheld dynamometer transforms manual muscle testing beyond a feeling, allowing you to quickly perform isolated strength assessments. Record digital results to analyze your clients strength, track progression over time and measure the effectiveness of what you do.

Struggling with assessment? Push-IT to the max!

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An online demonstration is the perfect way for you to see the how AxIT works. In online 'Hangouts Meeting' you will have the opportunity to ask one of the creators of AxIT questions about the system and determine if it is suitable for your business.

"I've been using held-held dynamometer for a while and it had its limitations. With the Push-IT device it helped fill the gaps and give me data that's actually meaningful to my client. It was a no-brainer for me."

Luke Nelson
Sports Chiro Australia President

"AxIT give us that data and allows us to know with good accuracy what is going on with that persons body. We're not relying on just subjective information anymore."

Carey Wheeler
Geelong Physical Therapy Centre

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