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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Intuitively designed to make the most complex data seem simple. 

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You don't need to be a sports scientist to be an expert with AxIT. 

AxIT's intuitive software means collecting and interpreting actionable movement data for your clients couldn't be easier. 

The AxIT systems software is one-of-a-kind and makes complex data easy to read and understand. There's no need for huge spreadsheets and clunky 90's-looking analysis software.

This modern innovative solution allows you to collect baseline data, track progression and monitor improvements in performance within session or over months and years.

Visualise movements in real-time

The AxIT software is ultra-responsive, with no lag in the data it displays so you can easily visualise real time movements to compare to what you're seeing your client perform. 

Real-time feedback also means that the AxIT system transforms from assessment superstar to the training biofeedback tool that you've been looking for to make sure you're loading the muscles to get faster improvements.

With over 120 built-in muscles and movements to assess and train, as well as the ability to add your own, there will never be a muscle or movement that you can't take the guess work out of again.


They say a picture paints a thousand words

That's why the AxIT systems results and reports are built for your clients as much as you!

The AxIT system is the perfect communication aid to help your clients understand the key areas they need to improve and help you better communicate how you will help them achieve their goals.

The best outcomes and compliance come from better understanding and we've kept this in mind to make your communication process easy so that you get better outcomes.

We know that your time is precious

That's why we've designed the AxIT system to fit your workflow.

Get testing underway quicker than you can tie a shoelace, whether you want to run one test, re-run your last session or run a session using one of our own in-built or your custom testing templates, you'll find the perfect solution to get started quickly in any situation.

Ready to bring your assessment into the future?

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An online demonstration is the perfect way for you to see the how AxIT works. In online 'Hangouts Meeting' you will have the opportunity to ask one of the creators of AxIT questions about the system and determine if it is suitable for your business.

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