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Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.

Intuitively designed to make the most complex data easy to understand. 

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You don't need a sports science degree to be an expert with AxIT. 

AxIT's intuitive app means collecting actionable movement data for your clients couldn't be easier. No need for huge spreadsheets and clunky 90's-looking analysis software.

Collect strength baselines, track progression, and measure improvements within-session or in the future.

Know whether results are "good" or "bad".

125+ inbuilt force plate and handheld dynamometer tests of muscles and movements including evidence-based reference data to automatically compare your client's results to.


They say a picture says a thousand words.

The AxIT system is the perfect communication aid to help your clients understand the key areas they need to improve and enhance engagement into your plan.

Use AxITs streamlined PDF reporting features to follow up with coaches, referrers or third party payers.

We know that your time is precious.

That's why we've designed the AxIT system to fit your workflow with customisable testing protocols and fast connection speeds.

Get testing underway quicker than you can tie a shoelace (no really, we tested it).

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