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The world most affordable dual force plate.

Smart portable dual force plates designed for the everyday health and fitness professional.

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Measure Any Movement

using over 40 in-built assessments including vertical jump, isometric strength tests, 10/5 repeat hop, squat assessments or create your own with easy-to-interpret data.

Real Time Biofeedback

from the Stomp-IT devices allows you to provide more targeted training so you and your client know that they're training at the right intensity to reach their goals.

Powerful Assessment

that helps your business stand out from the crowd, generate new revenue streams and understand how prepared your athletes are to take to the sporting field.


A new standard of movement assessment has arrived.

The Stomp-IT smart dual force plates allow you to perform single and double-limb performance assessments of both the lower and upper body. 

These devices pair perfectly with the SBN IsoBase or Iso Rack partners for the ultimate AxIT assessment experience. They are also small, lightweight and portable so you can take out to your local gym or sporting club to create new business or take them on the road with your team.

Our proprietary software is designed with everyday health and fitness professionals in mind allowing you to quickly and intuitively visualise movement in real-time, automatically calculate common performance metrics, set baselines, measure imbalances and track progression. AxIT Stomp-IT force plates bring your assessment and training into the 21st century.

Stomping up and down with the frustration of not having all the answers with your clients?

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"AxIT has integrated seamlessly into our work environment and we have achieved increased revenues due to improved client retention."

Jacinta Horan
Bureta Physio And Wellness

"Our staff have engaged incredibly well with the AxIT system and it forms a large part of the assessments and management for all of our clients."

Kris Caloia
Progressive Physiotherapy

"I would (and have) recommend the AxIT System to health professionals who are looking to increase the quality of assessment for their community."

David Hillard
Zone 34 Physiotherapy

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